Beyond The Thousand Points Of Awful

Once we had an elected official talk about “ one thousand points of light. “ This was a description for his dream of people citizens donating their time and helping one another with regards to promoting the common good.

My, that seems like eons…

Possessing Someone Is Not loving Someone

What would it be like to discover a church where people really showed interest and support for one another ? Where people could find shelter if they needed a place to stay. Where there would be kind words along with advocacy for those who are marginalized, discriminated and ignored …

What hurts the most ? Photo Courtesy Of The New York Times

Recently a prominent public figure chastised another prominent public figure by saying that they would “ hurt God and hurt a holy book . “ Initially I thought how preposterous, how can anyone hurt God or a divine writ ? …

Our lives make imprints

I have a good friend that I meet with every couple of weeks for coffee. We have known each other a long time. It’s wonderful to be together to discuss our work, our mutual intellectual interests and family.

Right now, of course, with the ongoing quarantine, there are no opportunities…

How Do We Memorialize Those Who Have Died Due To Covid-19 ?

How do we become beacons of light for others ?

Rev. Peter E. Bauer

Jul 5 · 3 min read

How can our lives become beacons of light for others ?

We are witnessing an unprecedented collision of critical conditions occurring in our country simultaneously. Fatalities due to…

Rev. Peter E. Bauer

The Rev. Peter E. Bauer is a longtime licensed clinical social worker and minister for the United Church of Christ. A LCL, he is also an Army and Navy veteran.

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